Cogongrass Treatment (per 1,000 sq.ft./93 sq.m.)


Treatment of your Cogongrass infection, which includes three site visits with hand-applied spot treatments by Florida ecologist.

Hire Three Psilos, Inc. to carefully treat your site’s Cogongrass infection over the course of an entire year, in blocks of one thousand square feet. For instance, if you have 20,000 square feet of Cogongrass, you will need to purchace 20 Cogongrass Treatment products.

Cogongrass Treatment Requires:

  • A recent Three Psilos, Inc. Site Ecology Recommendation or Site Ecology Report, specifically including Cogongrass
  • Site Access/Permission for Foot Traffic (Motor vehicle access not required)
  • A two to three year commitment to eradicate Cogongrass from your site, for the benefit of Florida ecology

Cogongrass Treatment Includes per each 1000 square feet:

  • Three Site Visits within one calendar year to maximize eradication
  • Marking/Maintaining infection area with surveryor’s tape
  • Mapping the marked area with GNSS/GPS
  • Private observation of the Cogongrass infection area on iNaturalist
  • Hand-application of herbicide for treatment of 1000 square feet
  • Spot Treatment, by way of hand application of herbicide product using sprayer by our ecologist
  • Treatment application path tracked with GNSS/GPS
  • Annual Report including treatment results
  • Lawn Sign: “Cogongrass Treatment by Three Psilos Inc.” with logo and URL

NOTE: This is for each 1000 square feet of Cogongrass at your site, over one full calendar year starting at time of initial Site Visit.

Use the total Cogongrass area found in your Site Ecology Recommendation or Site Ecology Report. Round down to the nearest 1000 square feet. As an example, a 10,652 square foot area of Cogongrass, or about a quarter acre, requires 10 Cogongrass Treatment units.

WARNING: This is for Cogongrass treatment on your site for one calendar year. For complete eradication of Cogongrass, treatment will be needed for no less than two years, and possibly three years. Treating for only one year will likely allow Cogongrass to return long-term. This is a limitation due to our ethical use of the herbicide, which allows a maximum product application amount of 16 ounces for any 1000 square feet per calendar year.

Further, we are certain your Cogongrass Infection Area will be much smaller in your second year, making your treatment costs much lower. This will help eradicate Cogongrass in the long-term, which is good for Florida ecology.


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