Hog Panel Installation (per foot)


Have Three Psilos, Inc. install your hog exclusion fencing.

Wild hog (Sus scrofa) are a non-native and invasive species which exists in all 67 counties of Florida; especially on the Lake Wales Ridge. Populations have existed here for hundreds of years. They disturb the soil and ground cover vegetation and leave the area looking like it has been plowed. They also tend to carry seeds of invasive plant species with them, and add them to the freshly plowed ground.

Have Three Psilos, Inc. install your 34″ tall by 16 foot long galvanized hog fence panels for exclusion of feral hog. We install a 5-foot T-post at each panel junction, and another in the center of each panel. We use a combination of T-post clips and galvanized wire for greatest connection strength.

Pricing is for the service of installation of your fencing, per linear foot. This does not include the cost of your fencing materials.

For example, installing six, 16-foot panels totals 96 linear feet. Multiply 96 linear feet times the price per foot to obtain the total cost of the installation service. You will also need up to 13 T-posts, 40 T-post clips, and a roll of galvanized wire. It may also be a good time to add signage.

Three Psilos, Inc. also offers a Material Pick-Up service from your local home or farm supply store.

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