Install Longleaf Pine (Pinus palustris) at Your Site


Have a Florida ecologist germinate, hand-rear, and install an endangered Longleaf Pine (Pinus palustris) at your site.

Three Psilos, Inc. loves Longleaf Pine trees. Once dominating the southeastern forest, they are now an endangered species. Clear cut by for their many valuable components from turpentine to ship’s masts, hundreds of different species of the Lake Wales Ridge depend on the Longleaf Pine.

Have Three Psilos, Inc. germinate and hand-rear a Longleaf Pine for your site. It will installed in the location of your choosing, which will be set with high-precision GNSS. surveyor-grade markings, and a wire mesh cage to protect the seedling.

Not only will your tree be installed by a Florida Ecologist, but should anything happen, Three Psilos, Inc. will continue to install attempts of Longleaf Pine seedings until they succeed. This may take some time, and also may require the owner or land manager to perform some steps as well, such as scheduled watering, during establishment. This may also require slight adjustment of the location.

A Longleaf Pine can live for many centuries, get yours started today.

With Three Psilos, Inc. you can get the world you’ve always wanted!




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