Install Scrub Plum (Prunus geniculata) at Your Site


Have one Scrub Plum (Prunus geniculata) installed at your site by a Florida Ecologist

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Hire Three Psilos Inc. to install one Scrub Plum (Prunus geniculata) at your site. The plums from these thorny shrubs are a favorite of Gopher Tortoise and White-tailed Deer, as well as certain species of beetle. Many other species will find sanctuary within the safety of the various geniculating (zig-zagging) branches of your Scrub Plum, such as birds, butterflies, snakes, and lizards.  Gopher Tortoises like to burrow up into the center of the shrub, they seem to know it by its roots.

Your site must have the correct ecology to support a Scrub Plum. A Three Psilos, Inc. Land Management Plan is required for your site, which will outline the ongoing maintenance requirements and your responsibility in the success of this shrub. Your shrub will be started from a seed which has been gathered legally and ethically from our own population. This installation may take up to 24 months for success.

Installation only for Highlands, Lake, Orange, and Polk Counties, Florida.


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