Non-Fruiting Brazilian Peppertree – Cut & Treat (per 12 in. of height)


Treatment for one Brazilian Peppertree, per foot of its height. Includes cutting of all branches at the base, herbicide treatment of the resulting stump, and preparation for removal to landfill. Does not include removal of waste to landfill.

Add the quantity of feet in height of your Brazilian Peppertree to your cart, e.g. a 10 foot tall tree needs a quantify of 10 added to your cart.

Have Three Psilos Inc. treat your Brazilian Peppertree (Schinus terebinthifolius), one of the most invasive, non-native specie in Florida.

Required is an active Site Ecology Recommendation or Site Ecology Report for your site.

This is for the treatment of one Brazilian Peppertree, per twelve inches of height. The Peppertree must not currently have berries. As an example, a non-fruiting 10 foot tall Peppertree will require 10 units added to your cart.

Your unwanted Brazilian Peppertree will be cut off at its base. Its remaining stump is carefully treated with the most effective herbicide.


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