Cogongrass Hand Removal (each)


Hand-pull each clump of Cogongrass, including root.

Hand-removal of Cogongrass (Imperata cylindrica) by Three Psilos, Inc. can prevent the use of herbicides on your site where endemic plant populations are still high within areas of Cogongrass. Do you have a Scrub Plum (Prunus geniculata) being encroached by Cogongrass? Don’t spray, pull. The soil disturbance will only help the Scrub Plum, and there will be no risk of damage by herbicide.

This service is per clump of Cogongrass. As an example, consider a roadside area with 300 clumps of Cogongrass. This would require a quantity of ‘300’ added to your cart.

Please note that hand-removal may be less effective in areas of very thick mats of Cogongrass, such as in areas many seasons old. For this, herbicide treatment may be more effective. Hand-removal is still quite effective in thick areas over time with multiple removal sessions, and tilling of the roots. Hand-removal, however, is very effective in areas where Cogongrass is newly spreading. Finally, hand-removal is highly effective on Cogongrass seedlings.

Required is a Site Ecology Recommendation of Site Ecology Report for your site. All hand-pulled Cogongrass is sent to the landfill at no extra charge.


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