Existing Trail Maintenance (per linear yard)


Have Three Psilos, Inc. maintain your walking trail or path on the Lake Wales Ridge.


Have an ecologist from Three Psilos, Inc. manicure your existing walking path or trail anywhere on the Lake Wales Ridge. The tool utilized might be hand pruner, push mower, hand lopper, brush cutter, chainsaw, hedge trimmer, or any combination of these. Essentially, we will use the most effective tool that makes the job fastest while having the least impact on the native ecology.

Our Trail Maintenance service also applies to fence lines, roadways, canals, or easements.

We generally avoid chopping:
* Turkey Oak
* Pawpaw
* Longleaf Pine
* Scrub Plum
* Gopher Apple
* Prickly Pear
* Sweet-Scented Pigeon Wing
* Gopher Tortoise Aprons (even inactive, non-negotiable)

While we continually watch out for endangered, threatened, or endemic species of your choosing along your trail, we will also keep an eye out for invasive species. That’s why we’ve included up to one free Cogongrass hand removal per yard of trail we maintain for you, in the event we spot “The Scourge of the Lake Wales Ridge“.

This is only for existing trails and is priced per linear yard (three feet) of trail at an average width of approximately 40 inches. If you need 80 inches of trail width cleared for accessibility reasons, simply double your trail’s total linear yardage.

Example 1:

” I have a 1/2 mile walking path that needs to be trimmed during the rainy season, but I would rather move the trail than cut a Turkey Oak. How much is this for the year?”

A half-mile trail is 2640 feet or 880 yards. This type of maintenance should be performed monthly during the rainy season which, on The Lake Wales Ridge, is effectively July through October, or four service visits.

Multiply 880 yards times the current service price for “Existing Trail Maintenance (per linear yard)” times the four, monthly service visits, then apply any discounts that might be available. Protection of the Turkey Oak is free.

Example 2:

“I have 1200 feet of road frontage i need to keep cut to 6″ or less to keep the HOA off my back, but I need to keep the cut area to within 36″ of the road’s edge, to protect my native wildflowers nearby.”

1200 feet divided by three equals 400 yards of “trail,” in this case along a road’s edge. Multiply 400 yards by the current service price per yard to get the total cost of the service. Each species you want to protect will be carefully avoided. Sometimes we need to hand-pull or even hand-cut an area to protect a certain plant or animal burrow. Its also a great time to overseed with native grasses.


Please Note: Most plant species will not be destroyed by this maintenance of your trail, and will immediately begin to grow back from the roots. Therefore, regular trail maintenance is required; recommended is monthly in summer, every two months during winter.


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