Overseed Native Grasses (per approx 1000 seeds)


Have an ecologist from Three Psilos, Inc. hand-cast seasonal, native grass seeds at your site, in the areas of your preference.

Have an ecologist from Three Psilos, Inc. hand-cast seasonal, native grass seeds at your site, in the areas of your preference.

On the Lake Wales Ridge, there is nearly always a native grass ready with ripe seeds, no matter which month. That’s why we’ve worked hard to encourage the greatest variety of grass species from The Lake Wales Ridge on our privately-owned conservation land. Following The Center for Plant Conservation Guidelines, a Three Psilos, Inc. ecologist will hand-gather native grass seeds available at the time of your service.

Seeds that are not fully “ripe” are never used. Seeds are never stored, but gathered and immediately dispersed at your site, always as “natively” as possible.

Your site will receive approximately one thousand seeds to be cast in a few to several spots that are ideal for that species long-term. Add additional services to increase the amount by each thousand. For example, to have your ecologist cast 5000 of this season’s seeds, you would add five of the “Overseed Native Grasses” services to your cart. Add five “Overseed Native Grasses” to your cart as well to have 1000 seeds cast over five different months.

Don’t want them cast? No problem, Three Psilos, Inc. can give them directly to the land manager to store however preferred. We usually recommend paper envelopes, but we have also seen certain cellophane wrappers work very well. Or you can cast them whenever and wherever you wish. We just try not to store seeds; they are much more useful outside.

Three Psilos, Inc. ensures that each grass species is a true native to The Lake Wales Ridge per USF Herbarium classification. While we are not taxonomists, we are very certain of a species when we gather its seed, even if specific taxonomists might argue over a specific classification. In the end, we usually trust the decision made by the USF Herbarium.

Early Summer

* Pinewoods Fingergrass (Eustachys petraea (Sw.)Desv.)


* Bluestems (Andropogon)
* Lopsided Indiangrass


We will continually add new species throughout the seasons.

Be aware, what is deemed “native” is prone to change over time, therefore we cannot guarantee any species we install will always and evermore be known as “native.” Consider Blanketflower (Guallardia) as an example.

Please be flexible, as we can’t control exactly when any seed might fully develop. We ask for a two to three business day flexibility when scheduling the casting of seeds.

We can take specific seed requests, especially if it is the right season for the species you seek. Please be prepared for a one to two season wait.

We cannot promise germination performance of any species. We do know it is safe to cast our native grasses directly on the native land, and that usually 80% germination success can be expected over a one year period. Then again, a flock of seagulls could randomly eat all your seeds.

If you have none of the expected species by casting time one year later, we will reseed the same areas with an available species from the same season. Again, please remain flexible; we truly want success for your site.